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Ways to volunteer

We find ways to volunteer in all sorts of ways.  Our parents are very creative. 

We all find our own ways that fits our abilities and time.

Ways to help

Whānau at Kahurangi School help in many different ways, there's no one way to help. 

We do what we can, where we can!

In Person

Road patrol, packing reading books away, field trips (organised through school).  Kahurangi Friends events like the disco or the after school Play Day.


We don't tend to ask for donations, but our school do appreciate donations of any size!

Kahurangi school account: 


(GST receipts available)


Share our Kahurangi Friends newsletter and social media posts!


Our school will be able to give you ideas here, but boardgames and books are always welcome!



Volunteering for school

You'll get a notice home from school, often our trips can't go ahead without extra adult support, so this is a really meaningful way to give your time!

Volunteering for Kahurangi Friends

This is a fun, easy way to help us make our events happen.  Come for 20 minutes, an hour, any amount of time is always appreciated.

Become a Sponsor

We need your skills!

Let us know what you're able to contribute!


Let us know what you can do, we'll start a database!

Thanks for submitting!

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